According to the study follow this web-site.

According to the study, On weekends, theyudents look a daily average of two hours and 40 minutes of TV and use their computer for three hours and 45 minutes. On weekends, they watch half an hour more TV than during the rest of the week and use their computer for four hours. Children with a TV in their room clock one hour more than those without and those with their own computer use an hour more than their peers follow this web-site click here .

NotesMusgrove Park Hospital Taunton is part of Taunton and Somerset NHS Foundation Trust.The hospital serves a population of 340,000 – primarily living in the area served by NHS South West. Each year almost 40,000 patients emergencies; emergencies; 10,000 patients admitted for elective surgery; 26,000 for day case for day case surgery, 000 patients attend outpatient clinics; 48,000 at Accident and Emergency 170,000 diagnostic examinations take place and over 3000 babies are born in the maternity ward. Almost 1,000 patients Critical Care gave each year.

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