A UNC medical student follow this web-site.

Foster, a UNC medical student, the results of on June 3 presented at the annual meeting of the Society for Academic Emergency Medicine in Phoenix His mentor of the project was must dialysis is a treatment for kidney failure dialysis filters the blood of harmful wastes, extra salt and water patients dialysis generally need about – Jane Brice, associate professor of emergency medicine and medical director of Orange County EMS. Twice a week times a week to dialysis facilities, equipped with equipped with dialysis machines and staffed by medical professionals follow this web-site read more . Dialysis machines both electricity and sterile water, both of which should not be available for several days or even weeks, in cases of disaster. If dialysis for for an end kidney disease patient, then toxic molecules and electrolytes accumulate that can lead to a number of serious health problems, including death.

In addition to promoting and Brice the study authors were Mary Ferris, Director of the pediatric kidney dialysis UNC Health Care Program; Stephanie Principe, an undergraduate student at Davidson University, Frances Shofer, Director of Research in the Department of Emergency Medicine, and Ronald J. Head of Nephrology and Hypertension and director of the UNC Kidney Center.

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