2 consultation runs from 15 May to 31 August 2009.

2 consultation runs from 15 May to 31 August 2009.Garnervolution has worked, but Scotland still needs strong political leadership, says BMAIn his last speech to the BMA Annual Meeting in Wales today, outgoing chairman of the Scottish Council, John Garner said he thought decentralization had worked in make a difference to the NHS in Scotland. But he also called for strong political leadership to meet the challenges of the future. – He said. ‘I think devolution worked on our health system is delivering for the people of Scotland, and even though they do not happen overnight, I think we have a brighter future ahead of.

Will be in the formulation a draft five-year strategic plan, Another hearing on the draft plan will follow in November, with the final strategy to starting in April 2010. Partner organizations, including patient groups, the eye health charities and visual bodies will also be presenting their views on the new Council in the next three months. The deadline for the consultation is 31 August the consultation document the consultation document and respond to alternative online, contact Maria Claridge.Politics: Democrat candidates to spend three times a view more – nearly $ 1 million – in advertising. Against health reforms as they for Since its start of the Convention August notch, are Democratic candidates $ 930,000 in Showing mocking the health care cast overhaul, but only $ 300,000 per – reforms spots for Evan Tracey at Kantar Media. reform opponents, according to information of Tracey, is now coming to effect outspending supporters. anti reform forces, including the chamber of Commerce, Americans for Prosperity and Cross Roads GPS who, $ 14,000 spending on display beginning of August same time same time, reform-oriented group have spent only $ 1,000 (Kliff.